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Dean of faculty

Dr. Sardar Mohialdeen Hamad Amin is an assistant professor and acting dean of Faculty of science at the

Soran University. He obtained his MSc in geology Salahaddin University. He finished his PhD in geology Salahaddin University in 2012. He started working in Soran University in Kurdistan - Iraq as an assistant lecturer on 7th Dec 2004, became a lecturer in 8th Dec 2007 then in 26th Feb 2013 became an assistant professor. He became the Dean of the Faculty of science at the Soran University on 2nd Nov 2014. He has overall responsibility for the leadership and management of the Faculty. He plays a major role in identifying and implementing Faculty’s teaching/research strategy as a member of the Council. He managed a series of training to help students in geology. He published 15 papers in the field of geology and supervised some more papers in both graduate and under graduate.
Dr. Sardar Mohialdeen Hamad (CV)


Email:  sardar.balaky@soran.edu.iq


Phone Number:  009647504489564

Address: Soran University - Delzyan - Faculty of science