Contact Info

Faculty: Science

Department: Computer Science

Address: Soran/ Majedawa

Email: m_hana26@yahoo.com

Phone Number: 07504748582


Academic title: Assist Teacher

Responsibility: Lecturer

General Expertise: English Language

Specific Expertise: Postcolonial English Poetry

Research Interests:

- Postcolonial Studies: The Key Concepts

- Working-Class Identities in the 1960s: Revisiting the Affluent Worker Study

- Post-War English Literature 1945-1990



- BA. Degree in English Language Teaching. Faculty of Art at Soran University.

- MA degree (Master of Arts). MA, in English Language Literature.




Hana Muhyadeen Hamad Ameen, Bachelor (BA) in English Language in 2014 at Soran University, and Master of Arts (MA) in English Language and Literature in 2016 at Cyprus International University/CIU/ Cyprus.  

I am teaching a module 'Literature Survey' to undergraduates in Faculty of Education at Soran University, and as a lecturer in English language Department, Faculty of Arts at Soran University. Also, I am teaching ‘Sunrise 12’ at Soran Non-Governmental Privet Institute,


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