Contact Info

Faculty:  Science

Department: Computer Science

Address:  24 Mamostayan, Pirmam, Shaqlawa, Erbil, Iraq


Phone Number: +9647504803646


Academic title: Assistant Lecturer

Responsibility:  Teaching and Member of Scientific Committee

General Expertise:  Computer Science

Specific Expertise:  Machine Learning and High Performance Computing

Research Interests:

- Parallel Programming, Scientific Simulations.

- Robotic and Artificial intelligence Algorithms.

- High Performance programming in web developments and Cloud Computing.



- MSc in Advance Computing, ML and HPC from University of Bristol, UK 2014

- BSc in Computer Science, University of Zakho 2011




 I have been into programming all my life. I worked for some companies and designed databases and accounting applications, while I was in high school. Reasonably I applied for Computer Science in 2007 and I finished being the first student in 2011. The university itself employed me as assistance in the same year and afterwards I was awarded scholarship to do MSc aboard. Until that time I was able to program in C/C++ and C# for developing. I also learned how to design a website using HTML, PHP, JAVA SCRIPT, and CSS. However, I found myself more in backend programming, solving math problems and writing algorithms. I understood the importance of data structure in programming, especially in AI programming.

When I applied for Machine Learning and High performance computing master courses of University of Bristol, I knew it will be a great challenge for a student from a country in the lowest rate in technology. I was not wrong, and for first couple of months I almost believed that programming is way more difficult than what I learned. However, I found myself able to adapt to my new environment quickly and shortly became the class representative. I achieved top grades and programmed in C, C++, Matlab, Python and Java in Linux. My thesis was titled “Improving The C++ API of OpenCL”. Despite OpenCL being a well-used professional tool, I managed to successfully complete my thesis.  I graduated in November 2014 and due to my scholarship I had to return to work for the university in Iraq. Currently I teach C and C++ programming courses for first and third stage computer science students, Data Structures and Algorithms for the second, and Machine Learning for the fourth stage of the same department

Publications: (Books, researches)

- None

Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)

- Workshops and Tutorials of the department locally only.