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Contact Info

Faculty:  Faculty of Science

Department: Computer Science Department

Address: Alyawa,Khalifan - Erbil

Email:  rafiq.maulud@soran.edu.iq

Phone Number: (0750 460 9205)


Academic title: Engineer

Responsibility: Instructor

General Expertise: Software Engineering

Specific Expertise:  Software Engineering

Research Interests:  - Software Engineering

 - Internet of Things



- M.Sc. in Software Engineering

- B.Sc. in Software Engineering




I got my bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering at Koya university in 2010 (Class rank: Third), and thus I was employed as an assistance engineer at Koya University, then transferred to Soran University. After 3 years of working at Soran University in Faculty of science / Computer science department, I went to Cyprus/Turkish Sector to get Master’s degree at Near East University. I started my M.Sc. from September of 2013 and graduated on July 2015. My background regarding to the academic filed finds itself in software engineering and Internet of Things. Then I started working as an Engineer in Faculty of Science / Computer Science Department on July 2015.


Publications: (Books, researches)

- (Book):

- Internet of Things: A Wireless Smart Home, with co-author: Dogan Ibrahim, published on January 29, 2016.




Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)