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Forth Information Technology Fair In Soran University.

 On Tuesday 9th May 2017, in Soran university’s new camp a fair under the title (science and information brighten our future) Dr. Muslih Mustafa, the president of Soran University, Kirmanj Hizat, Soran Mayor, Dr. Sardar Muhiadin Balaky, the dean of Science faculty, and a perspective number of teachers and students, of computer science department were attended opening the forth fair of information technology.

In this fair, about (100) projects and programs invented by students has been shown, meanwhile the students of Biology and Chemistry presented some researches.

 What is worth mentioning is that the level of projects fulfilled the will of the guests and attendants; the president of Soran University has praised the projects and the effort of teachers and students.

 Report: - Jabar Ali

Photo: - Shawkat Sherwani