Contact Info

Faculty:           Science

Department:   Biology



Phone Number: 0750 448 51 99


Academic title: Assistant lecturer


General Expertise: Microbiology

Specific Expertise: Environmental microbiology

Research Interests:

- Crude oil biodegradation

- Biogas and Methanogenesis

- Molecular microbiology



-BSc,  Salahadin University, Erbil, Kurdistan 1985.

-MSc, Aarhus University, Denmark 2003.




After receiving my Master degree in 2003 from the section of Microbiology, Aarhus University, Denmark I involved in small projects within the field of environmental microbiology. Later, I worked for one year as academic employee in the field of molecular microbiology at Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Denmark. From 2007 to the mid of 2010 I worked as biologist at the Xergi A/S, Denmark. I conducted researches to evaluate the existed methods used in pretreatment of biomass for biogas production, determination of biogas potential of different types of biomass and wastes, and investigation of the anaerobic digestion process in biogas reactors at mesophilic and thermophilic temperatures and different levels of NH4.


Beside my experiences in environmental microbiology and bioenergy, after receiving my bachelor degree worked as microbiologist at medical laboratories from 1986 to 1988, one year as teacher of biology at high schools and four years as field officer/ project manager at the Save the Children Fund- UK in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


From the end of 2011to 2014 I worked as assistant lecturer and as the head of biology department at Soran University. From 2014 until present I have been working on my PhD project, in the field of crude oil microbiology as split site at the section of Microbiology, Aarhus University, Denmark, and Biology Department, Soran University.    


Publications: (Books, researches)

1.      - Adris Georgis Shlimon, Michael W. Friedrich, Helge Niemann, Niels Birger Ramsing, and Kai Finster 2004. Methanobacterium aarhusense sp. A novel methanogen isolated from a marine sediment (Aarhus Bay, Denmark). International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 54, 759- 763.


2.      Shlimon, A, Canebi, N, Højberg, O & Jensen, BB, 2006. Microbial composition and metabolite concentrations in fermented liquid diets for pigs. In proc. Research to improve health, immune response and nutrition, p. 115.


Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)

- Amplicon- Based Analysis of Microbial populations, workshop at mbioinform ApS, Ole Maaloes Vej 3, 2200 Copenhagen N, 23-27. 02.2015.

- 5th International Symposium on Applied Microbiology and Molecular Biology in Oil Systems (ISMOS-5), Stavanger, Norway 2-5 June 2015.

- Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC), Lower Cretaceous workshop no.1, 25.10.2016: Aarhus University, Department of Geoscience,  Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 2, 8000, Aarhus C.