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Faculty: Scisnce


Address:Soran Jundyan /Erbil,964,Iraq

Email :

Phone Number:(optional )09647504480947


Academic title: asst lecturer

Responsibility: lecturer

General Expertise:Biology

Specific Expertise: Phycology

Research Interests:

- biology





- Bachelor  

- Master  




I am a lecturer at soran university  in faculty of science , I did my undergrad degree in biology and master at Salahaddin university , my interest in phycolimnology and my work focuses specifically on the algal classification and identification with seasonal variation and  physico-chemical parameters  of water.

Publications: (Books, researches)


1-Baghdadscience Journal                   Vol.11 (3)2014

An ecological observation on Inland water ecosystem in Erbil-Iraq Kurdistan with particular reference to blue green algae Glaucospira


2-Male rat susceptibility for liver and kidney injury                       


3-Bull.Iraq nat.Hist.Mus                                                                           (2016)14(1):27-42

Thirty two algae new records reported in ponds at Gwer-district Erbil-Kurdistan region .Iraq


Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)

-First student conference in Soran university

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