Contact Info

Faculty: Science

Department: Biology

Address:  Soran University, Science College, Biology Department

Email:  bushra.shnawa@soran.edu.iq

Phone Number: 07714124243   , 07503711569

Academic title: Assistant professor

Responsibility: Academic member

General Expertise: Biology, Microbiology

Specific Expertise: Parasitology and Immunology

Research Interests:  

- Physiology of parasite

- Immune response against diseases

- Bioactive material from biological sources.

- Epidemiological studies of parasitic diseases.

- Pathogenesis of medical parasites.



-BSc.  Biology department, Science College, Basrah University .Iraq.

-MSc. Biology department, Science College, Basrah University in parasitology and physiology. Iraq.

-PhD, Biology department, Science College, Basrah University in parasitology and immunology, Iraq.



I am Academic member in Biology Department, Science College .Soran University from 2013 up-to-date, specialist in parasitology and immunology. I am the leader of research group and the head of scientific committee. Firstly I joined Biology department Science College, University of Basrah as demonstrator, then assistant lecturer, lecturer and assistant professor. I taught a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses .In addition I supervised three PhD students and fourteen MSc students.

Moreover, I published many patents and researches on various aspects of medical parasitic infection and in immune response against pathogens.



- Book

 Theoretical and practical principles of immunology . Baghdad, 399/2002. Published by Basrah University.


1- Isolation and identification of harmalin and harmin compounds from   Peganum harmala seeds with the study of their effect against Echinococcus granulosus in experimental mice.

Date:  20/9/2000

No. 2967

Universal classification   A61B10/00


2-The activity of Punicca granatum extract against Entamoeba histolytica with the determination of it's therapeutic dose in experimental rats.

Date: 27/8/2001

No. 2943

Universal classification A61K35/78


3- Isolation and purification of proteineous material from urine of cachectic cancer patients with the test of its ability to induce cachexia in experimental animals.

Date: 6/8/2002

No.  3125

Universal classification Co 7K3/02/12

4-The effect of aqueous extract of Comiphora  sp.plant on Gram positive and  negative bacteria and Echinococcus granulosus

Date: 26/8/2001

No .2938

Universal classification A61K35/78


1- Electrophoretic variation and population of  Fasciola gigantica  from the liver of cow and water buffalo Bollettion D.J. Zoologia   (The Italian J. of Zoology) 1992

2- Iso enzymes of the liver flukes Fasciola gigantica from the vicinity of Basrah province, Iraq. J. of Environmental science and health. Part /A 1.vol .27 /no. 5. 1992.

3- A preliminary chemical study on the composition of  the hydatid fluid of Echinococcus granulosus .Acta parasitologica .38 (4)           187 -188.1993  

4- Comparative chemical composition of hydatid cyst fluid of  Echinococcus granulosus .Basrah J.Agric.Sci.5(1)1992 .

5- The influence of some ecological factors on the survival of   Fasciola gigantica miracidia . Basrah J.Agric .Sci .5(1)1992.

6- Epidemiological study on Giardia lamblia in Basrah .Basrah .J .Sic. vol. 15, No. 1. 1997.

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8- The immunological response of rats to secondary experimental   echinococcosis. The veterinarian J.vol (8) No.1, 1998.

9- Preliminary study on the antimicrobial activity of crud Prosopis  juliflora , Basrah J. Sci .B,vol .17 , no .1,1999.

10- The effect of some plant extracts on Giardia lamblia in vivo. Basrah J .Sci .vol .16 ,no, 1, 1998.

11- The prevalence of intestinal parasites in primary school children.  J. Basrah Researches. Vol .22 part, 2, 1999.

12- Electrophoretic patterns of Giardia lamblia parasite in Basrah Province. Basrah J .Sci . B.vol .18 .No .2. 2000.

13- A study of the histopathological changes in experimental mice infected with Ascaris lumbricoides .Basrah .J vet .Res . vol .1,  No.3.2002 .

14- Antibodies levels in serum and intestinal mucosa of experimental mice infected with Ascaris lumbricoides . Basrah .J.Sci . B.vol.20 no .1.2002.

15- Isolation and identification of mucilaginous material from plantago ovata seeds with the study of its therapeutic effect on Giardia lamblia in experimental rats. Iraqi J. of Biol . 2, (2) 380 -411, 2002.

16- A new medium from Plantago ovate seeds for isolation and cultivation of fungi Iraqi   J. of Biol , 2 (2) 330 -340   2002 .  

17- Preparation of Fasciola gigantica  Cobbold ,1856 antigen with the study of its antigenic efficacy. Thamar university journal for studies and researches. No. 9, 93-107, 2008.                       

18- Estimation of phagocytic activity and T,B and T-helper lymphocytes in peripheral blood of women afflicted with toxoplasmosis in Basrah province.  2nd Kurdistan conference of Biological Science. University of Dohuk, May 6-8/ 2008.       

19- Histochemical changes on small intestine mucosa infected with giardiasis in Wister albino rats Bas.J.vel.Res.vol.9, No.1, pp.90-100, 2010.

20-Levels of immunoglobulins and complements in sera of patients with toxoplasmosis Basrah Journal of science (B) Vol.30 (1),72-77,2012 .

21- Evaluation of Latex, ELISA and IFAT tests for serodiagnosis of toxoplasmosis pregnant women in Thamar governorate (accepted for publication) in the scientific journal of education faculty, Thamar University, 2013.

22-Parasitemia and its relation to hematological parameters and liver function among patients malaria in Abs, Hajjah , Northwest Yemen .Interdisciplinary perspectives on infectious diseases ,2016 .

23- Burden of parasitemia, falciparum malaria and serum glucose, urea and creatinine among patients in Yemen .International journal of science: Basic and applied research Vol. 24, No. 6, pp323-331, 2015.

24- Antioxidant status of erythrocytes from patient’s falciparum malaria and its relation with the intensity of parasitemia.The 8th Int. conf. for development and Environment. In the Arab world, March, 22-24.2016.  

25- Prevalence of Plasmodium falciparum in Abs, HajjH governorate, Northwest Yemen .International journal of bioscience. Vol. 9, No.1, p59-71, 2016.      

Scientific Activities: Conference, Workshop, Symposium

1-      - Participation in the workshop laying the foundations for a better teacher education program (Mastery project) from 12-15 September 2005.

2-      Participation in fifth mastery workshop from 11-14 September 2006.

3-      Participation in polymerase chain reaction (PCR) principles and application jointly organized by university of Thamar and Putra university – Malaysia in 19-21 /3 /2006

4-      Participation in the workshop of mastery project February 22nd to March 1st 2008.

5-      Participation in the workshop entitled (curriculum design for medical laboratories) March 15, 2010.

6-      Member in the standards working groups (teacher standards + contents standards) in Thamar University.

7-      Participation in the workshop titled diagnostic technique in medical parasitology in Soran University, Science College, Biology department .on 14- 17 December 2015.

8-      Participation in the workshop titled hygienic control on food in Hayat University for science and technology during 27-31 March 2016.

9-      The Eight International Conference for development and Environment in the Arab world, March,22-24,2016.Egypt.

10-  The fifth international conference for young scientists in basic and applied sciences, in 29th October to 1st November, 2016.Egypt.

11-  The first scientific conference of the college of medicine (Hawler medical university) under the patronage of HMU president 22nd-23rd December 2016.