Contact Info

Faculty:             Science

Department:    Biology

Address:           Soran- 26 Gulan

Email:               hendren.abdullah@soran.edu.iq

Phone Number: (optional) 07501530530


Academic title: assistant lecturer

Responsibility: non

General Expertise: plant biology

Specific Expertise: forest science

Research Interests:

- inter soil vegetation relations

- Plant systematics



-Bachelor’s degree in Forestry Science from the Koya University in 2010.

-completed a General English IELTS Examination Course with Upper Intermediate level at LSI Portsmouth, UK in 2012.

-Master’s degree in Environmental Forestry from the Bangor University in the UK in 2014.





A short biography, preferred to be academic.

My name is Hendren Jalal Abdullah, I was born on 12th of February 1986 close to Rwandiz town. I did my bachelor’s degree in forestry science, Agricultural College at Koya University in 2010. In 2012 I completed a general English and IELTS examination course at LSI in Portsmouth city, UK. In 2014 I got my master’s degree in Environmental forestry at the Bangor University in the UK. On 19th of august 2015 at the Ministry of Higher Education, then transferred to the Raparin University on 23th of November 2015, and from 16th of January 2017 up to now I work at the Soran university, Faculty of Science, Biology department.  

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