Contact Info:

Faculty: Science

Department: Biology

Address: Bana Quarter, Azadi Street, Soran-Erbil

Email: karzan.khalid@soran.edu.iq

Phone Number: 009647504939240


Academic title: Assistant lecturer

Responsibility: Coordinator in Medical Microbiology department, and Director of laboratories in Biology department.

General Expertise: Biology

Specific Expertise: Microbiology

Research Interests:

- Isolation and Characterization of Bacteria from different sources and identify them.

- Study on human bogy infections

- Bioremediation and degradation of pollutants via microorganisms



- B.S., Salahaddin University, (2012)

- M.Sc., University Technology Malaysia, (2014)





I have finished high school in Soran city, and regarding my bachelor, I graduated from College of Educational Science in Salahaddin University-Erbil. Next, I did my MSc. From Malaysia, Faculty of Bioscience and Medical Engineering (UTM). After that, I worked in Handren Hospital-Soran city as an employee of Ministry of Health. Then, i have been transferred to Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific research. I am a visitor at Soran Institute from 2014, and his is my second year as a lecturer in Biology department- Faculty of Science – Soran University. More ever, I am Coordinator in Medical microbiology department in Soran University. 


Publications: (Books, researches)

-  Inhibitory Action of Aqueous Extract of Anethum graveolens on Staphylococcus aureus. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 7, Issue 10, October-2016 505 ISSN 2229-5518




Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)

- As a Coordinator in training  course of Medical Microbiology techniques for hospital employees and graduated students from scientific departments from university and Institutes, under responsibility of Medical Microbiology department. Which was under supervision of dean of faculty of science and head of biology department.