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Faculty: Science

Department: Biology

Address: Soran city, Peshmarge Avenue


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Academic title:

Responsibility: Lecturer

General Expertise: Physics

Specific Expertise: Particle Physics

Research Interests:

- Relativistic Quantum

- Quantum Gravity

- Quantum Field Theory



- M.Sc.: Sahand University of Technology, Physics department, Tabriz, Iran. Jun. 2010




I am Peyman Khaled Aspoukeh. I got my master degree in 2010 at Sahand University of Technology of Tabriz. I was teaching general physics as an assistant of my supervisor for students in Sahand University. My master thesis was about relativistic bound state energy eigenvalue and corresponding eigenfunction of Klein-Gordon in N dimension for different potential. Physics is study of everything and can be applied to other science like biology, geology and so on. I always try to have research and find out this relationship between physics and other science.

 In 2016 my last research was about Corrections to the Hawking tunneling radiation from MDR that has been accepted in International Journal of Theoretical Physics.

 There are some of my lecturing courses experience in Islamic Azad University of Mahabad (Iran) and Soran university (Kurdistan Region, Iraq):

•           Optical physics and its laboratory (2012-2013)

•           Biophysics and its laboratory (2015-2016)

•           Fundamentals of physics and its laboratory (2016-2017)


Publications: (Books, researches)

-Corrections to the Hawking Tunneling Radiation from MDR


Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)