Contact Info

Faculty: Science

Department: Biology

Address: Soran, Delzyan,


Phone Number: +964(0)750 448 5451


Academic title: Assistant lecturer


·         Head of Department of Biology

·         Head of Department of Medical Microbiology

·         Head of Health and Safety committee

General Expertise: Agriculture

Specific Expertise: Phyto-chemistry, Medicinal Plants

Research Interests:

- Biomineralization

- Microbiology

- Phyto-chemistry



- PhD: 2016-Current – Soran University

- M.Sc.: 2011-2013 - University of Sulaemani

- High Diploma Degree:2008-2010 - Salahaddin University

- B.Sc. Degree in English Language:2006-2011: Soran University

- B.Sc. Degree in Agricultural Science:2002-2006: Salahaddin University


Publications: (Books, researches)


- Shorish M. A. (2016). First aid. MCY. Issue no. 778.


- Shorish M. A., Hussain A. S. (2010). Response of Four Varieties of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) for Two Nitrogen Fertilizer Levels. Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences / Salahaddin University-Hawler. Vol. 22 No.4.Pp; 47.

- Shorish M. A., Ahmad H. A. (2014). Effect of Pre-Sowing Treatments with UV-Ray on Agronomic Characters and Chemical Components of Anise (Pimpinella anisum L.). IJPAES. 2231-4490. Vol.4 Issue 4.

- Sarkawt H. A., Karwan I. O., Karwan J. H., Shorish M. Abdulla., Balkes H. Ra., Ismael A. I. (2015): Male Rat Susceptibility for liver and Kidney Injury. ARO journal/Koya University Vol.4. No.1. Pp;7.

- Ibtisam Kamal, Aryan far Haji, Ammar Ali, Sarah Falih, Shorish M. and Mohammad Ismail (2016). Modeling of Setting Time and Microstructure of Ethyl Cellulose-Cement Pastes. Modern Environmental Science and Engineering. USA. Accepted.

Current research projects:

- Microbial interaction with mineral surfaces, Biomineralization and mineral substrates alterations: Experimental and field studies in Kurdistan.