Safiya Jameel Piro

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Address: 7th Alley, Kave St, Suran


Phone Number:(optional)07510117353


Academic title:Instructor


General Expertise:Physics

Specific Expertise:Solid state/ Nanotechnology                                              

Research Interests:

- Nanotechnology fields





-Master in Solid state physics/ nanotechnology – Firatuniversity/ Turkey

-Bachelor in physics/ Salahaddin university/ Erbil




I am Safiya Jamil Piro. I got my master degree in 2016 at Firat University of  ofElazig /Turkey. I’ve ranked as top student during  my studying . My master thesis topic was Production and Electrical characterization of Zinc Oxide based composite materials with cadmium oxide. Physics is study of everything and can be applied to other science like biology, geology and so … I always try to have research and find out this relationship between physics and another science.




Publications: (Books, researches)





Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)

- Conference in Chemistry Department

- Symposium ( teachers conferences in Chemistry department)