Halgurd Suleman Hussein

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Address:Faculty of Science, Soran University, Soran, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Email: Halgurd.Hussein@soran.edu.iq


Phone Number:(07829508634-07504637670)


Academic title:lecturer


General Expertise:Mathematics

Specific Expertise:Algebra

Research Interests:

-Generalizations of prime ideals.

-Projective and Injective modules.



- BSc in general mathematics, Soran University, Soran, Kurdistan region

- MSc in mathematics/ algebra, Soran University. Soran, Kurdistan region




Halgurd was born in January 1991. He is now a lecturer at Faculty of Science of Soran University. He completed his BSc in 2012, in general mathematics at Soran University. He was then awarded a place to get his MSc at Soran University due to his high rank in BSc degree. He completed his MSc in 2017, in algebra at Soran University. Since 2017 he is a mathematics lecturer at Faculty of Education and Science of Soran University.


Publications: (Books, researches)

-Halguurd S. H. , IsmaelAkray. (2016).I-PrimarySubmodules. 2nd international conference of mathematics, Garmyan.

-Halguurd S. H. , Ismael Akray. (2016). I-Prime Submodules. Acta mathematics.



Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)

- 2nd international conference of mathematics, Garmyan.