Contact Info

Faculty: Sciences

Department: Petroleum Geosciences

Address: Soran

Email : hedayat.hashemi@soran.edu.iq

Phone Number: 009647503110592


Academic title: Assistant lecturer 


General Expertise: Geographic Information System (GIS) & Remote Sensing (RS)

Specific Expertise: Water & Soil

Research Interests: GIS & RS Application in Geology, hydrology, water resource and hydrogeology






- Bachelor degree from Tehran University/ College of Geography / Department of physical Geography (2006)

-Master of Sciences from Tarbiat Modares University/ Department of GIS & RS (2009)




I was born 22 May 1979 in the city of Mahabad in West Kurdistan. I obtained a diploma in mathematical sciences in Mahabad and attained Bachelor of Physical Geography at Tehran University since 2003 to 2007 and MS.c of GIS & RS in Tarbiat Modarres University since 2007 to 2009. I was worked in Tarbiat Modares Environments Reseach Center since 2008 to 2010 and finally I teach in Soran University from 2010 to now.


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 Amini, J. & Karami, J.& hashemi, H. & Alimohamadi, A , Evaluation of MCDM Method , AHP_OWA, AHP ,Fuzzy screening ,in Rural Complex Centers Site Selection, Remote sensing and GIS of Iran journal, accepted ,4, 41-51


- Megari, S, & Farajzadeh, M .& Khodadadi, A & hashemi, H., Zonation of River Pollution Quality Using Artificial Neural Network and GIS, Remote sensing and GIS of Iran journal, accepted , in publish

*Gaylan Rasul faqe Ibrahim, Hedyat Hashemi, Pakiza Saied,Hasan Hameed, Sherwan Qurtas, Honar saleh, Urban Growth Prediction Using Cellular Automata Markov: A Case Study using Sulaimaniya City- in the Kurdistan Region of North Iraq , Research on humanistic and social science, Vol.6, No.14, 2016

Hasan Mohammed Hameed, Gaylan Rasul Faqe, Sherwan Sharif Qurtas, Hedayat Hashemi, Impact of Urban Growth on Groundwater Levels using Remote Sensing - Case Study: Erbil City, Kurdistan Region, Journal of Natural Sciences Research

 Vol 5, No 18 (2015)



Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)

Matinfar, M. & shahabi, H.& shadman, M. & Hashemi, H., Intracity Change Detection Of Saqez City Via Remote Sensing, presented in 6 th Symposium Of Digital Earth Pekin2009

Khodadadi, A. & marzban, M. & partani, S &. Hashemi, H., Investigation of Synthetic Pollution Sources of Chromium as Toxic Heavy Metal in the Western North Province of , Iran15th international conference on heavy metals in the environment, 2010

safarrad, t. & Hashemi, H & amini, j. application of geostatistical methods in rain erosion modeling using Fornier method, presented in GIS Symposium, malek ashtar university, Tehran 2010

Safarrad, T. & Amini, J. & Hashemi, H. , Detection Of Snow Covering Surface Using RS & GIS, Presented in National Geographical Science Symposium, Uremia Piam Nur University, Uremia 2010

- Megari, s. & Farajzadeh, M. & khodadadi, A, Hashemi, H., investigation in relation between Nitrogenous Compositions and Dissolve Oxygen Using Artificial Neural Network, Presented in 4 th conference Of environmental engineering, tehran2010

 · Farajzadeh, M. & Megari, S. & Khodadadi, A, Hashemi, H., Zonation of River Pollution Quality Using NSFWQI and GIS, Presented in 4 th conference Of environmental engineering, tehran2010