Contact Info

Faculty: Sciences

Department: Petroleum Geosciences

Address: Soran university, Soran city, Erbil province, Iraq


Phone Number: 009647504605345


Academic title: Assistant Lecturer

Responsibility: responsible for teaching at Soran University, Faculty of Science, Petroleum Geosciences department students

General Expertise: Geology

Specific Expertise: Geochemical diagenesis in shallow and deep hot fluids

Research Interests:

Recent geochemical tools


Integration of geotectonic with geochemical data



PhD in the field of hydrothermal oil reservoir rocks at Biogeochemistry & Modeling

of Earth System-Sedimentology and Basin Analysis -ULB- Brussels,



I graduated with Bachelor's degree

In geology from Sulaymaniyah University (2002), then I got my Master degree at Salahaddin University (2010).

In 2017- obtained a Scholarship to conduct academic research on Hydrothermal carbonate rocks and calcretization processes in Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences as a Research Award Recipient for a period of 5 months at Alberta University-Canada. I have recently obtained my PhD at ULB-Brussels University. My work is specifically focuses on hot diagenetic setting in carbonate rocks.  

Publications: (Books, researches)

- Very hot, very shallow hydrothermal dolomitization: An example from the Maritime Alps (north-west Italy – south-east France). Luca Barale, Carlo Bertok, Namam Salih Talabani, Anna d’Atri, Luca Martire, Fabrizio Piana, Alain Préat. May 2016, Sedimentology Journal.

Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)


- Multiple hydrothermal-Cretaceous dolomitization in different diagenetic settings, Provençal Domain, NW Italy. SALIH N., MARTIRE L., BARALE L., AL-AASM I., MUCHEZ P., KOLO K., MANSURBERG H., PREAT A. February 2016. 5th

International Geologica Belgica 2016 Congress.


- Hydrothermal diagenetic evolution of Upper Cretaceous Bekhme Formation, NE Kurdistan, Iraq. SALIH N., MUCHEZ P., PROUST J.-N., KOLO K., OTHMAN R., MANSURBERG H., PREAT A. February 2016. 5th International Geologica Belgica, 2016 Congress.


- Society for Organic Petrology meeting at Houston-Texas on 17-23 Sept 2016: Organic petrographical features and rock-Eval parameters of the Upper Jurassic Naokelekan Formation, KRG-Iraq. M.E Damoulianou, K.Y. Odisho, N. Salih, H. Noori, O. Muhammed, S.P. Kalaitzidis.


- Conference paper and presented at Uncovering The Past Towards the Future, Uniting Experiences and Values. Kurdistan in Western and Eastern Research Tradition. 24-26.10.2016 Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland-Collegium Maius.


- Conference paper, titled “Evidence of microbial diagenesis, calcretization and hydrothermal mineralization related to multiple sedimentary phases in the Bekhme Formation, Kurdistan-NE Iraq” in coming International Geobiology conference 11-14 June, 2017 - Banff, Alberta-Canada.


- Conference Paper, Tectonic modeling and direct dating of Hydrothermal carbonates in the Upper Cretaceous Bekhme Formation, Spelek-Sulauk areas, Kurdistan region of Iraq. Namam Salih, Mansurbeg, Howri, Kolo, Kamal, Konhauzer, Kurt, Gerdes, Axel, Philippe, Muchez, Alain, Préat, GSA Annual Meeting, Geological Society of America, 22-25 October 2017. Seattle-Washington.


- Conference Paper Direct dating of calcretization and microbial diagenesis events in the Upper Cretaceous Bekhme Formation, Kurdistan region of Iraq, by the U-Pb small scale isochron method. Namam Salih, Kamal, Kolo, Howri, Mansurbeg, Axel, Gerdes, Rushdy, Othman and Alain, Préat, GSA. Seattle-Washington. GSA Annual Meeting, Geological Society of America, 22-25 October 2017. Seattle-Washington.