Contact Info

Faculty: Science

Department: Petroleum Geosciences

Address: Erbil-Zin-City

Email: rahel.hamad@soran.edu.iq

Phone Number: 0750 4132550


Academic title: Lecturer assistant

Responsibility: Geological Mapping Techniques and GIS

General Expertise: GIS and Remote Sensing

Specific Expertise: GIS

Research Interests:

- GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing

- Land

- Ecology



-B.Sc. in Geology, College of Science, Department of Geology, University of Salahaddin, Iraq

-Master of Science in Geo-Informatics, IDA Department, Linkoping University, Sweden.

- PhD student in his second stage (Leicester-Soran) Universities




Achieved his first year PhD student as a research visitor at Leicester University from (Sep 2015 – Sep 2016). Now he is a second-year PhD student at Soran University.

Lecturer assistant (Sep 2012 – present) at Faculty of Science – Department of Petroleum Geosciences Soran University – Ministry of Higher Education-KRG-Iraq.

Publications: (Books, researches)

- Article [Multi-Criteria Assessment of Land Cover Dynamic Changes in Halgurd Sakran National Park (HSNP), Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Using Remote Sensing and GIS]

- Thesis [Pollution risk analysis in connection to road accidents with chemical discharge using Arc Map -Researching the best methodology for interpolation through geo-statistical analysis using Arc Map]. 

- Thesis [Integration of Geographical Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) and Surfer software in detection of groundwater reserve and best exploitation through digging boreholes].


Scientific Activities: (Conference, Workshop, Symposium..)

- Seminar- Land use land cover change  

- Seminar- Map Scale