About The Faculty

The Faculty of Science is one of the prestigious faculties of Soran University. It combines excellence with ambitious high-
quality research and educational programs. It consists of eight academic departments. The School of Applied Sciences has five academic departments: Petroleum Geosciences, Biology, Computer Sciences, Mathematics and Chemistry and the School of Engineering has three academic departments; Department of Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering.The well-being of our students is a major concern of our faculty in such a way that in addition to acquiring top-quality education, knowledge and skills, the students receive a close pedagogic instruction and tutoring from educators that share with them experience, skills and guidance towards establishment of options and choices in research studies and future careers. Our Faculty is moving earnestly towards the establishment of a scientific research center that combines Petroleum Geosciences, Molecular Biology, Biometrics and Information Security. These centers are to become the nucleus of the planned “Scientific Research Centre of Soran University”. We see and strongly believe that one of the most important missions of the Dean’s Office is to establish a well-developed, modern and student- and community friendly faculty that will contribute to the development and progress of its local community in the aspects of modern necessities and challenges. 


To promote world-class quality teaching and research and prepare graduates to be capable to have leadership positions within their community.


The Faculty is to acquire international acknowledgment and respect for quality and achievement.


To build, develop, and maintain meaningful high quality education and research programs in all disciplines.

Links with other Institutions

The Faculty of Science and Engineering established active research and teaching programs with both individual researchers and academics as well as institutional with well-established universities such as Universite Libre de Bruxelles, University of Uppsala, CNRS-France, University of Huddersfield-UK, University of UPMC-Sorbonne, France. Currently Department of Petroleum Geosciences is running four PhD programs in collaboration with ULB in Carbonate Sedimentology, Stable Isotopes/Geochemistry, and Basin Studies. Moreover, the courses programs of the undergraduates and postgraduates are run jointly with visiting professors from ULB, CNRS, Petroleum Institute and Uppsala University. Several international Publications have seen light just recently as a result of this collaboration. The Department of Biology has initiated an international research project on genetics studying the “Genetic Ancestry of the Kurdish Population”.  Recently both of the Faculty of Science and Engineering and Leicester University have initiated research and teaching collaboration with very promising initial results especially on GIS, Environmental, Geology and natural resources management with emphasis on postgraduate projects.